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Our customer partnered with us to evaluate and enhance their existing network and cloud connectivity infrastructure, aiming to digitally transform their organization. The primary goal was to rearchitect their global WAN, providing the agility required to stay competitive in their industry. The outcome was the design and deployment of a cutting-edge Distributed Network Architecture (DNA), positioning the customer for future growth and innovation. .


In collaboration with our customer, this project comprised four key work streams to ensure a successful transformation to a next-generation Distributed Network Architecture (DNA).

Assessment and Design Alignment: The initial phase focused on thoroughly understanding the current cloud connectivity and network architecture. This involved aligning a core design for DNA and estimating the project's overall return on investment.

Core Implementation: The second phase delivered the core implementation, involving key milestones such as laying down the necessary infrastructure and optimizing the procurement of network services.

Network Redesign and Deployment: The third phase focused on redesigning the network and closely collaborating with the customer to operationalize the deployment, ensuring all components were effectively integrated and functional.

Knowledge Transfer and Ongoing Support: The final phase provided comprehensive knowledge transfer and support, empowering the customer to operate and continuously optimize their next-generation DNA.


Asperitas' deployment of the next-generation Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) delivered outstanding results for our customer. Not only did they establish critical cloud connectivity, but they also laid a strong foundation for future service delivery.

70% Reduction in Latency: By rearchitecting their network, the customer significantly improved performance, reducing latency and enhancing user experience.

700% Increase in Bandwidth: The new DNA infrastructure substantially boosted bandwidth, supporting higher data volumes and improving overall network efficiency.

50% Reduction in Global Network Costs: The customer cut their global network costs in half through optimized network design and service procurement, achieving significant financial savings.