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This global institution partnered with Asperitas Consulting to revolutionize its legacy financial application by migrating and modernizing it on AWS. The transformation involved hosting the application on EKS/Kubernetes and RDS PostgreSQL across two regions, ensuring robust disaster recovery with a 5-minute RPO and a 4-hour RTO. Our innovative approach enabled the application to seamlessly support over 4,000 tenants, showcasing our expertise in delivering scalable and resilient solutions for complex financial systems.


Asperitas Consulting delivered a comprehensive solution, starting with the creation of Terraform infrastructure code for AWS EKS/Kubernetes cluster setup and configuration. We also implemented a robust Jenkins CI/CD pipeline to streamline infrastructure and application deployments. Our team containerized five essential services for tenant operations and established deployment pipelines to manage build, containerization, and Kubernetes deployment. We ensured seamless, tenant-specific versioning, allowing for flexible migration schedules. To enhance efficiency, we developed automated migration code to transition tenant databases from on-premises to RDS, handling each migration on an individual tenant basis. Additionally, Asperitas Consulting provided extensive training to customer staff, equipping them with advanced skills in Terraform, AWS cloud, and Kubernetes, ensuring long-term success and self-sufficiency.


Asperitas Consulting successfully delivered a fully containerized application and EKS deployment environment for rigorous testing. Our comprehensive training empowered customer staff to independently manage application deployments and infrastructure modifications with confidence. We implemented advanced automation for disaster recovery, ensuring seamless failover capabilities that met stringent RPO and RTO objectives. Our upskilling program enabled customer teams to execute and test disaster recovery workflows effectively. Furthermore, we automated the migration of customer data from on-premises to AWS, and equipped the customer staff with the expertise to manage these migrations, providing robust second-level support. Our solutions not only met but exceeded expectations, driving operational efficiency and resilience.