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Network Digital Twin



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Asperitas collaborated with a global institution to create a Network Digital Twin, replicating their on-premises network for comprehensive simulation, testing, and deployment of critical enhancements. This project aimed to optimize their entire global network, focusing on implementing a cloud-based VPN to improve user experience for over 20,000 users worldwide. By leveraging advanced simulation and automation techniques, Asperitas ensured a seamless, secure, and efficient rollout of these network upgrades, significantly enhancing the institution's global connectivity and performance.


During this project, our teams focused on the comprehensive implementation of a Network Digital Twin to ensure the successful deployment of a cloud-based VPN service. The Network Digital Twin replicated the entire global network, encompassing data centers, WAN, SD-WAN, and remote locations. This advanced simulation environment was designed to test various critical aspects, including network routing, network advertisements, regional IPSec connectivity, and responses to regional network failures. By thoroughly simulating these scenarios, we aimed to optimize performance and reliability for the global network infrastructure.


Our customer achieved remarkable success by leveraging Asperitas' Network Digital Twin, transforming their network deployment process. Implementing this cutting-edge technology significantly accelerated their development timeline, reducing a projected two-year project to just three months. This rapid speed to market was made possible through advanced automation and proprietary software, streamlining their development process and minimizing business risks.

Moreover, the Network Digital Twin allowed the customer to identify and address potential issues before they reached production. This led to an unprecedented record of zero production deployment errors for all automated deployments. This proactive approach enhanced the reliability and performance of their global network and ensured seamless and error-free implementation.

Asperitas' Network Digital Twin empowered the customer to innovate faster, deploy confidently, and achieve flawless execution, setting a new standard for efficiency and reliability in network management.